Though there are many places where you can get an oil change in Albuquerque, it is a calculated choice to take your vehicle to a place that does more than just the oil change. The important thing to remember is that a full service repair shop will be better able to recognize and alert you to problems with your vehicle before hand. For many drivers, the advantage of knowing what kind of repairs are on the horizon is something that simply cannot be replaced, and we are happy to help keep their vehicles in pristine condition.

The oil in your engine not only acts a lubricating agent, but is also one of the primary cleaners of the engine system. If you allow your vehicle to run dry, you can expect serious damage in a very short time. Luckily for most drivers, an engine oil change is normally something not forgotten, but a little education on why your vehicle needs an oil change can be very helpful in establishing the importance of an oil change in your mind. This will help ensure that you never forget this vital maintenance procedure in the future.

Lubrication – the machinery in your engine is made almost entirely out of metal; allowing the pieces to rub together without lubrication cause catastrophic damage to the components and is the primary cause of premature wear. Over time, the oil in your engine becomes dirty with contaminants and makes the oil less effective at lubricating the engine.

Heat damage – the internal combustion engine is essentially run from the power of controlled explosions. This causes a lot of heat in the system which needs to go somewhere if your vehicle is to stay healthy. Clean oil is necessary in keeping the engine at the proper temperature and avoiding heat damage to the engine.

Gas Mileage – clean oil in your vehicle allows the moving parts of your engine to move with less effort. This in turn allows the engine to operate more efficiently on less fuel. Though it seems counterintuitive that your fuel economy is linked to clean oil, regular oil changes are important to getting the most bang for your buck at the pump.

Performance – Dirt and contaminants in your oil are a hindrance to the smooth operation of your entire engine. By changing your oil at the recommended interval, you allow your engine to operate with the least amount of friction possible. This will help your vehicle achieve maximum performance over its lifetime.

With all this information, it is very easy to see why oil changes are so important to the health of your vehicle. The benefits of an oil change are increased when premium products are used, at Advantage Automotive, we use quality BG products to maximize the benefits of the oil change and protect the health of your vehicle.

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to setup an appointment. Because of our history as a performance shop, our entire staff is knowledgeable in every aspect of total vehicle health. Feel free to speak with any of us about any concern you have with your vehicle, we are happy to help.