One of the processes in auto repair which is rarely talked about is the fuel filter replacement. Albuquerque is actually a hot spot for this kind of repair because of a very interesting fact about fuel. Because of the temperature in New Mexico, gasoline still combusts despite the higher concentration of impurities and contaminants it contains.

Not only does regular fuel filter replacement protect your engine from the contaminants present in the fuel itself, but it also protects your engine from the rust that your gas tank will almost certainly collect over time. With these two ever present issues in the fuel it is easy to see how important it is to protect your engine from these threats.

With all of this in mind, there is really only one question that arises. When should I replace the fuel filter in my vehicle? The truth is that there is not hard answer because it differs from vehicle to vehicle. However, there are a few indicators as to when it might be time to replace a fuel filter.Fuel Filter

Trouble Starting – a clogged up fuel filter does not allow the fuel your engine needs to get to the combustion chamber. This can be especially frustrating to your engine during ignition.

Acceleration problems – Especially if you are climbing a hill, problems accelerating can indicate a clogged up fuel filter. This kind of problem will also put a lot of stress on your fuel pump, which is much more expensive to replace.

Strange smelling exhaust – we would never suggest putting your nose up the tailpipe; but bad smelling exhaust is an indicator that your fuel filter is beginning to allow contaminating particulates into the combustion chamber. This is definitely a bad sign.

Of course, one of the biggest problems with a clogged up fuel filter is the fact that when your fuel pump is constantly working overtime, you can expect the fuel pump to fail prematurely. As many drivers are aware, the fuel pump is a much more expensive component to replace both in terms of part cost and labor. So it is very prudent to replace a much more inexpensive part.

We take pride in the fact that we help to reduce the overall cost of maintenance for our customer’s vehicles. By proactively educating our customers on how their vehicles work, and alerting them when they can expect future problems to arise, we are successfully able to minimize nasty surprises and make it possible to plan ahead for the cost of vehicle maintenance.

We understand that you need a vehicle you can rely on, Let us help you take steps to make sure that your vehicle never lets you down, and protect your wallet from nasty surprises.