From time to time every car, truck or RV needs a tune up. In Albuquerque NM, Advantage Automotive is your source to perform any tune up service your vehicle requires to keep it running at its peak performance. A vehicle tune up is just one of the steps that should be taken in the proper maintenance of your vehicle.

A properly maintained car, truck or RV will last longer and perform better than one that is neglected. A qualified mechanic can recommend the required maintenance services to keep your vehicle running smoothly. The engine is the “heart” of your car and an engine tune up helps with fuel economy. With today’s high fuel prices a driver can save money in the long run by maintaining their vehicle in top condition.

Advantage Automotive wants to be your partner in helping you keep your vehicle well maintained. The staff at Advantage Automotive uses a combination of factory recommended maintenance schedules, real world experience and your individual driving situations to determine a maintenance schedule that is tailored for you and your vehicle. We keep you informed about upcoming service needs like a vehicle tune up or fluid changes so you can budget for them. Our approach saves you money by not performing unnecessary services while providing the necessary maintenance your vehicle requires keeping it performing at its peak.

Car dealerships can be expensive and often perform services prematurely. Drivers can see significant savings by bringing their vehicles to Advantage Automotive where the service is top notch and more affordable than the dealership.

When you bring your car, truck or RV into Advantage Automotive for a tune up service the following are some of the services you can expect the mechanic to perform, depending on the make and model of your vehicle:

  1. Inspect the Engine. The mechanic will visually inspect the engine and examine the condition of plug wires, vacuum and air intake hoses. The mechanic will listen for any unusual noises and inspect the engine for any major fluid leaks. If any problems are found the driver will be promptly informed before any repairs are made.
  2. Check Engine Light. If the Check Engine light is on, it is recommended that an Advantage Automotive mechanic diagnose and repair the problem before a tune up is performed.
  3. Inspect the Air Filter. It is very important to keep a clean air filter to optimize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Replacement is usually simple and fairly inexpensive. The air filter is inspected on every car, truck or RV that receives a tune up at Advantage Automotive.
  4. Inspect the Fuel Filter. Fuel filter replacement varies greatly between different vehicle makes and models. The staff at Advantage Automotive will make a recommendation based on a visual inspection, your records, vehicle type and fuel used.
  5. Replace Spark Plugs. Changing an engine’s spark plugs is the best way to restore a vehicle’s performance. A driver can usually see an increase in fuel economy and a smoother running engine after a spark plug replacement.
  6. Clean the Throttle Body Mechanism. Carbon deposit build up on the throttle body can cause idling problems and effect engine performance and fuel economy. An Advantage Automotive mechanic will inspect the throttle body and determine if it can be cleaned or if an Induction System service will be required.
  7. Install Fuel System Conditioner. At Advantage Automotive a fuel system conditioner is added at every tune up to remove engine deposits from your engine’s combustion chambers and valves. It is helpful in restoring proper flow to your engine’s fuel injectors and cleans your fuel system.
  8. Under hood Fluids Inspection. Keeping a vehicle’s fluids full and clean help keep cars running at their best. An Advantage Automotive mechanic inspects these fluids on every tune up.
  9. Check Tire Pressure. Tire pressure and condition not only affect a vehicle’s handling but can also affect a vehicle’s fuel mileage. At Advantage Automotive your tires are inflated to the proper specification at every service.