One of the most often forgotten services for your vehicle is radiator repair. Albuquerque NM residents are somewhat lucky because the climate does not pose any specific or extra threats to the health of your car radiator. However, this does not mean that drivers can afford to simply put their auto radiator out of mind.

The fact is, your car radiator is of major importance for keeping your vehicle in good condition. Because your engine is constantly being bombarded by explosions, the engine needs to be cooled in order to prevent damage.

The engine cooling system consists of your car radiator itself, a few fans and the water pump. Along with the lines that run the coolant around your engine to keep it cool, you are looking at the very last line of defense between your vehicle and a major meltdown.

The science of the engine is rather interesting; engines actually run at higher efficiency once they are warmed up, but an overheating engine runs the risk of literally melting down if the heat is not kept within the tolerance defined by the manufacturer. This is achieved by a series of components which need to be operating in total harmony if you wish to get the most from your vehicle.

  • Water pump – The water pump is charged with circulating the coolant around your engine to carry heat away from the block and eventually out of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the water pump is located deep within the engine and is not accessed easily. This means that the water pump should be maintained whenever the opportunity is provided so that you can expect maximum reliability from it.
  • Radiator – The radiator is the component which actually removes heat from the coolant circulating in your engine. The fins on the radiator are the mechanism by which heat can be transferred out of the system, if these fins are damaged, the radiator cannot function to full capacity. Furthermore, if corrosion is allowed to build inside the radiator, the coolant cannot circulate and cool down the engine.
  • Coolant – Yes, the fluid that your radiator contains is actually of great importance to the process. For example, not only does the correct mixture of fluids gain maximum advantage in keeping the engine cool, but the fluid needs to be replaced from time to time. The reason for this is because there are additives in the coolant to stop the buildup of sediments in the radiator. We suggest flushing the fluid once every five years.
  • Coolant Lines – because of the heat that the radiator lines are subjected to, any damage to the hoses will quickly escalate and eventually destroy the line. This is a serious problem because if the engine is deprived of coolant than the engine runs a serious risk of overheating.

Keeping up on the maintenance of your cooling system will always be less expensive than the repairs required after an engine overheat. This is why we take great care to make sure that your cooling system can withstand the journey, wherever you are going.