So, you’ve gone in for your emissions test and whaddya know? If you fail a smog check …now its time for emissions repairs. Albuquerque NM luckily doesn’t have the strictest laws when it comes to emissions, but that doesn’t stop a vehicle from failing from time to time. And while it feels like an unnecessary formality, it is important to remember than emissions repairs can actually have a positive effect on the performance of your vehicle.

Of course, the best way to make sure that you never have to deal with a failed emissions test is to conduct emissions maintenance over the life of the vehicle. This will also spread out the costs, rather than being forced to pony up the costs all at once.

But enough thinking about the state; lets focus on how emissions repairs actually benefit YOU.

Fuel Efficiency – Anyone who has to drive regularly will quickly feel the pinch of poor gas fuel efficiency. Making certain that your car is using fuel efficiently will save you a great deal of money over the long run. A fuel mixture which is too “rich” will quickly burn a hole in your finances.

Catalytic Converter – Another problem with a rich fuel mixture is the premature aging of your catalytic converter. These are not cheap, and they degrade very quickly if unburned fuel is being dumped into them.

Sensors – There are a couple sensors in the vehicle which help your vehicle meter its air intake as well as fuel usage. Starving or flooding your engine with fuel is going to have a negative effect on the performance of your engine, which causes unnecessary strain and shortens its lifespan.

Ignition system – Nothing scares the average driver more than a slow starting ignition system. Experiencing this is completely unnecessary and adds strain on its components. Add to this the fact that if left unchecked, you could find yourself stuck at home, or even worse, in a parking lot somewhere. Paying for a tow adds insult to injury. Do yourself a favor and skip all of this nonsense and assure a passing emissions test.

At Advantage Automotive, we understand that an emission testing always seems to be due at the wrong time, and being forced to pay for the necessary repairs all at once is more than a minor annoyance. We suggest planning ahead for the eventuality, and taking a more strategic approach of planned maintenance. By taking this approach, you can expect greater fuel efficiency and greater reliability from your vehicle. As well as minimizing the likelihood of any nasty surprises from the state.

We invite you contact us if you have any questions regarding your vehicle. We look forward to earning your business.