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Great service on the dash a/c in our pusher. Clean shop. Friendly staff. We travel full time in our 40ft RV. It is nice to have a reliable shop on the road.
Emile Therrien   •  16 September 2014
The expertise at this shop is invaluable. We got a flat last week and took it to Discount Tire where we were told that the tires could not be fixed because the tread on the inner sides was worn to the steel belt. The treads on the outside were fine. Our 50,000 mile tires only had 23,500 miles on them. We had gotten a front end alignment right after buying them less than 2 years ago at "the best place in town" (a different shop) for alignments. Well, John was able to diagnose the problem and I don't think anyone else would have had the knowledge to know that my 17 year old Volvo with very low mileage had sprung its springs and was squatting! Because of age the struts had significantly worn and collapsed. And then there was the rust which meant more parts. They charged what was quoted before new small parts were found to be needed. I love these guys. Now the car just feels good to drive, it sits tall and drives smooth and straight.And it is now able to have camber, caster and toe-in which it didn't originally have! They work on our other car too and the work has always been right on.
Carol & Jim   •  11 August 2014
Excellent, efficient and quality service. Staff very friendly & knowledgeable. Work completed as promised...we'll return for routine service.
mary dragoo   •  s. calif  •  11 April 2013
We thought the brake system on our Chev 3500 was shot and were mentally prepared to spend $1500 or so to get it fixed. Advantage examined the truck and determined that the brakes were only about 50% worn so no overhaul is necessary at this time. They had the perfect chance to cheat us but did not. Marvelous!!
Al Lewis   •  Villanueva, NM  •  21 March 2013
Advantage Automotive was recommended to my by my boss. I have been going to them for over 6 yrs now and I wont trust anyone else to work on my vehicle. I make arrangements to leave with them in the morning and pick it up that day after work.
Barbara   •  Rio Rancho  •  02 November 2012
My brother suggested Advantage Auto to me after i told him a sob story regarding a safety and emissions check. Ive been going to Advantage now for several years now. These guys are fantastic, definately worth the drive.
Thomas   •  29 August 2012
Fantastic service, fair pricing, and I waited much less than i expected to. Great work.
Henry T.   •  Albuquerque  •  02 August 2012
My husband and I sometimes get to go on extended road trips, before we leave we always have Advantage do an inspection to make sure the RV is in good order. No problems yet!
Sarah   •  Albuquerque  •  14 July 2012
Ive sent my wife to Advantage a couple times to make sure that her car is working properly. The best part is that they actually explain to her where the problem was coming from and how to avoid it in the future.
Paul I.   •  Albuquerque  •  23 June 2012

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